** COVID-19 (Coronavirus) Updates **

Birthright Israel trips will resume as soon as it is safe to travel, hopefully in late summer 2021. We are continuously monitoring the situation and are in close contact with Israel’s Ministry of Health. When trips resume, we plan to take all necessary measures to ensure a safe, fun and enjoyable Birthright Israel experience.

Birthright Israel is working closely with Israel’s Ministry of Health and will maintain the highest level of precautions once trips resume and adjust whenever necessary.

Save your spot* now on a first-come, first-serve basis, registration is open and commitment free. Show your interest by applying online and update your preferred time of travel with confidence, knowing that your deposit is fully refundable. Then sit tight, we will make sure to let you know when trips resume.

*Spots may be limited.

If your trip was cancelled, you already have priority status. Your Trip Organizer will reach out to get all the updated information necessary to get you on a trip once possible.

If you wish to travel in summer 2021, we highly recommend that you complete your application to get a head start on the process as soon as possible. We anticipate high demand once trips resume.

As it always has been for the last 21 years of operation, the safety and well-being of our participants and staff is our highest priority and foremost concern.

Most of the flights to Israel will be direct, your Birthright Israel group will have fewer participants, you will spend more time outdoors, visit sites that abide by the high standards of Israel’s Ministry of Health, wear a facemask in public and keep 6 feet / 2 meters from others outside your group when possible.

Other than that, we can assure you that we will take all necessary measures to ensure a safe, fun and enjoyable Birthright Israel experience.

Yes. Currently Israel is leading in vaccination rate and the majority of the population over the age of 16 are already vaccinated.

Currently, no tourists can enter Israel and ultimately, the government of Israel will determine when and how it is safe to reopen its borders to tourists. While it is likely that entry to Israel will be given to those who are *vaccinated, it may also be available to others who have recovered from COVID-19 or those who can provide a negative test result within a specific time period before the trip.

*Documented verification of vaccine will be required

Basic Information

Sure – please visit our contact page to obtain contact information for our national network of Israel Experience professionals as well as the CIE National Office staff.

This trip will be a lot of fun and we know that you will return to Canada refreshed and invigorated. In addition to the recreation, touring, and occasional free time, you will enjoy an engaging and vibrant educational program. Please be aware that the program is quite structured. In order to show the participants as much as possible, our days of touring will be long and on some evenings special events will be planned. Due to the program guidelines participants are not permitted any unauthorized absence from the group for any reason. Arrangements can be made for family members and friends to visit participants at their hotel in the evenings or on Shabbat during off-program times at the discretion of the Madrichim in charge.  Participants are prohibited from leaving the group at any time without the supervision of a CIE staff, for any purpose including family visits, personal time, etc.

Thanks to Birthright Israel, if you are Jewish and between the ages of 18 and 32, this is your gift – the opportunity to visit Israel for free.

Canada Israel Experience (CIE) is proud to be the only Birthright Israel trip organizer in Canada. In June 2018, our 50,000th participant left for Israel. Now that’s an impressive number.

CIE is equally pleased to offer both National and Community-based programs, allowing participants the opportunity to tour Israel with their peers from their own home/university community. As a result, CIE participants will have the chance to meet, network, and build long-lasting relationships with other Canadian Jews residing in the same region and/or city.

CIE offers each participant a minimum of two kosher meals a day.  Our participants are provided with quality accommodations in three-to-four star hotels and Kibbutzim. Birthright Israel: CIE tour educators possess the highest educational standards from some of the leading organizations in this field. We present an increasingly intimate perspective of Israel by inviting 8-10 Israelis to meet and travel with each group for a portion of the trip.

This unique Israel Experience program includes round trip travel from Toronto to Israel, all accommodation, at least two kosher meals per day, transportation by private luxury tour bus, all entrances fees, basic medical insurance while in Israel, two Canadian Madrichim (staff leaders), an Israeli tour guide/educator, specialists and guest speakers, an armed medic/security guard, a Canadian and Israeli coordinator in Israel, communications equipment for the group and all taxes.

Canada Israel Experience programs affirm and conform to the required standards and criteria set by Birthright Israel International. Please visit the official Birthright Israel International homepage for more about this historical partnership at www.birthrightisrael.com.

The gift of a Birthright Israel trip is made possible thanks to the generous support from many sources, including parents of trip participants, alumni of the program, the program’s founders and other philanthropists, the State of Israel, the Jewish Federation system and Keren Hayesod, the Jewish Agency for Israel, and thousands of individuals donors from around the world who believe in our mission.

Birthright Israel and Canada Israel Experience gratefully acknowledg the support of the Azrieli Foundation.

We get that question all the time. Birthright Israel is our “umbrella” organization which offers the gift of a free 10-day trip on a global level. We at Canada Israel Experience are proud to organize this incredible trip from Canada and offer it to eligible Canadians. Since 1996, CIE has proven to uphold a tradition of excellence in preserving the highest quality of educational, logistical, and safety standards.

In fact, we are proud to declare that in June 2015, Canada Israel Experience sent its 30,000th (!) participant to Israel.

It is Canada Israel Experience’s goal to meet the needs of the Canadian Jewish community. As the only Israel tour organizer in Canada, our organization is committed to ensuring that all of our programs provide CIE participants with a unique, unparalleled Israel Experience.

As a not-for-profit organization, CIE is funded by the Andrea and Charles Bronfman Philanthropies, the education department of the Jewish Agency for Israel, Jewish Federations of Canada – UIA and local UJA/ CJA Federations across Canada. CIE prides itself in playing an active role within the Jewish Federation system. In this regard, Canada Israel Experience is the only Canadian tour organizer that maintains a national network of local Israel Experience representatives. In every major Canadian Jewish community, CIE employs a regional Canada Israel Experience professional ready to facilitate and assist participants in preparing for their Israel Experience.

In addition to helping orient individuals before their trip to Israel, CIE community representatives are also eager to help all interested Canada Israel Experience alumni obtain the necessary tools and knowledge needed to get involved in their home Jewish community and/or return to Israel. Canada Israel Experience boasts that our organization is properly equipped to provide each participant with a more diverse picture of Israel. At least two Canadian staff, an Israeli tour guide, and one armed personnel accompany each Canada Israel Experience trip. All Birthright Israel: CIE programs are based on departure from Pearson International Airport in Toronto.

We’re not strangers. Birthright Israel is a unique, historical partnership between the people of Israel through their government, local Jewish communities (North American Jewish Federations; Keren Hayesod; and The Jewish Agency for Israel), and leading Jewish philanthropists. Birthright Israel provides a gift of peer group, educational trips to Israel for Jewish young adults ages 18 to 26.**

Birthright Israel’s founders created this program to send young Jewish adults from all over the world to Israel as a gift in order to diminish the growing division between Israel and Jewish communities around the world; to strengthen the sense of solidarity between Israeli youth and Jewish communities throughout the world; and to promote the idea of a trip to Israel for all Diaspora Jews as a critical part of Jewish life outside of Israel.
Participants travel throughout the country, exploring sites of historic, cultural, and religious significance. They are accompanied for a significant part of the trip by Israeli peers.

Participation & Eligibility

CIE understands this incredible trip needs to be shared with your friends. That’s why we are happy to accept friend requests. This can be done on your initial application. For best results, we recommend requesting at most 2 people per applicant. We will do our best to accommodate all requests, but cannot guarantee that every request will be met. Participants from communities that travel to Israel during the same week will likely meet each other numerous times during their program. Participants from communities who travel during alternate weeks or trip dates will not see each other during their Israel Experience.

The itinerary is geared towards those on their first peer group, organized visit to Israel and would not be appropriate for those on a repeat trip. For this Israel Experience, we only have sufficient seats reserved for qualifying applicants.

The participant must contact the CIE National Office directly to discuss any such changes.

Please note: only the applicant can request a trip change/switch. This decision has been made due to situations where miscommunication between parents and office staff has occurred and unfortunately it was the applicant who suffered the consequences.

Any changes to a trip, including trip switch, month switch or a cancellation should be sent via email to: ciec@ujafed.org.

Applicants are welcome to contact us via our toll-free number: 1-800-567-4772 or by email at ciec@ujafed.org . We will be happy to accommodate any questions from a registered applicant, and we will do our utmost to assist the applicant in any way possible.

Though we want to accept everyone who applies, unfortunately, our demand exceeds our supply.

With such a large demand for this program, we choose participants based primarily on a lottery system. In order to be entered into our lottery system, you must have a completed online application (including a paid $300 deposit plus $10 non-refundable handling fee.)   While the majority of the spaces are allocated based on the aforementioned lottery system, a certain percentage of the allocated spaces are distributed on a discretionary basis. For example, an individual who is close to the upper age limit (32 years of age) may be given priority over younger applicants who will have other opportunities to take advantage of this program.

The $300 deposit serves a few purposes. During the application process, it’s served to reflect the fact that an applicant is committed to the prospect of participating in the program. Once an applicant is accepted to the program it acts as a guarantee that he/she will not withdraw from the program, thereby forfeiting their spot and preventing another person from benefiting from the opportunity to go to Israel. Moreover, should a participant withdraw from the program after the noted cancellation deadlines in the CIE Contract, it provides the program organizers with revenue to pay the penalties that are incurred from the airlines and hotels for last minute cancellations. In Israel, it also serves as a guarantee that each individual will participate in all aspects of the program.

Deposits are paid, handled, and refunded through PayPal. All deposits are subject to an additional $10 non-refundable handling fee

Our trips are divided into three age groups; 18-22,  23-26 and 27-32.

If you are the older friend/sibling, you are welcome to apply for the younger age group. However, we will not allow a younger friend/sibling to join the older age group.

The 27-32 age bracket is only open to those specific ages. If you are between the ages of 27-32, you will not be eligible to apply for any other age group.

*For confirmation on whether participation on a specific Israel trip affects your eligibility, please contact us at 1-800-567-4772/416-398-6931. The CIE national headquarter in Toronto is the only source that can determine eligibility for the trips.*

Every applicant MUST successfully complete a mandatory one on one conversation. with the CIE call centre as part of the application process. Please note: CIE has the right to rescind a trip offer at any time, should an applicant be deemed ineligible by the mandatory one on one conversation or through their application.

I’ve been to Israel before. Am I eligible?

It depends. If you have been to Israel before, but only with your family or on other personal business, you are still eligible if you were there for under 3 months.

Before the age of 18:

Applicants who travelled to Israel prior to turning 18 on a program designed for high school teens shorter than 3 months in length are eligible. If you were 18 at the time of the trip, you are eligible as long as the trip was designed for high school students. Most applicants who participated in a high school Israel program for up to a semester are eligible.

18 and older 

Applicants who travelled to Israel after turning 18 on a program designed for college students or young adults that lasted more than 6 nights in Israel are NOT eligible. Such programs include; university programs, any study abroad, gap year, Yeshiva/seminary internship and any other experience under the umbrella of Onward Israel or Masa Israel. Applicants who travelled to Israel since turning 18 on a family trip, a multi-generational trip, or some interfaith/secular experiences are eligible.

There are a few programs such as volunteering for Magen David Adom, Save a Childs Heart, Maccabiah games, March of the Living High School program, and Federation missions that do not affect your eligibility

Please note that we do not list every Israel program on our website. Please contact our office to inquire about your specific Israel experience.

Depending on the month in which you chose, the Birthright Israel: Canada Israel Experience office will let you know by email whether you have been accepted to a trip, or whether you have been placed on a waiting list. The notices will be sent in accordance with the month in which you chose. For example, a  December applicant will know their trip status by mid- October. A May applicant will know their trip status by mid-March and so on.

If you receive an initial waiting list email, don’t be discouraged. Our wait lists move quickly as changes happen very rapidly during the busy months.

Every Birthright Israel: Canada Israel Experience applicant must successfully complete a mandatory phone One on One Conversation by one of our trained CIE call centre agents in order to verify eligibility for a Birthright Israel: Canada Israel Experience trip.

The program will be among the largest Israel Experience programs in Canadian Jewish history. In fact, we are so proud to declare that in June 2015, Canada Israel Experience sent its 50,000th participant to Israel! The program will be an exciting opportunity to travel with old and new friends alike.

Each CIE trip has up to 40 participants, 2 Canadian Staff (one male and one female), 1 Israeli Tour Educator and 1 Israeli Certified Medic. On the fifth day of your trip, you will be introduced to the most exciting part of your trip; the Mifgash, (encounter in English), where 8-10 Israeli soldiers will join your trip, and give you an enlightening perspective on life in Israel.

There is usually an equal amount of males and females per bus, and we do our best to honour friend and sibling requests.

Every Birthright Israel: Canada Israel Experience applicant must successfully complete a mandatory phone One on One Conversation by one of our trained CIE call agents in order to verify eligibility for a Birthright Israel: Canada Israel Experience trip.

Each participant must pay a deposit, which can be fully refunded or donated afterwards. The deposit is $300 CAD if paying via the online payment company PayPal.

Deposits are paid, handled, and refunded through PayPal and are subject to an additional $10 non-refundable handling fee.

If you are accepted to a trip and cancel prior to 65 days before your confirmed flight departure or are not accepted to participate in a program this round, your deposit will be refunded via your original method of payment. In order to receive this refund, you must submit a written request to your Trip Organizer directly.

At the end of the season’s trips, we are able to carry over your deposit to the next season’s trips, or by written request only, we may refund your deposit to you. This will only be available should you cancel a waiting list position or cancel within the 65-day Birthright Israel cancellation deadline.

Approximately five days after you successfully complete your trip, you will be notified by email that your deposit is available to be refunded. That email may also contain information about how you can voluntarily donate all or part of your deposit in support of future Birthright Israel trips. Note that your deposit will be used to benefit future Birthright Israel participants if it is not retrieved within 10 days of your return.

The Program

While we will do our utmost to accommodate specific food allergies, please be aware that Israel does not have the same level of allergy awareness as is common in North America, and we cannot guarantee that your allergy can be completely accommodated.  Our participants are responsible for carefully choosing their food on the trip and avoiding foods to which they are allergic. A minimum of 3 epipens are a must.

Nut/Peanut/Sesame Allergies: please note that in Israel, nut allergies are not common or well understood. There is a risk of cross contamination.

Allergic participants should understand this, and come to Israel prepared:

a) have a list of words in Hebrew that explain their allergy.

b) bring a large supply of power bars, protein bars or meal supplements from home

c) be sure to make Trip Staff aware of their allergy

d) be sure to indicate allergies on your initial online application

Israel is 7 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time. For example, if it is 3:00pm in Toronto, it is 10:00pm in Israel.  Please do not make any commitments to communicate with loved ones at set times during the trip as we are constantly on the run.

Don’t worry – you’re not alone. Most of our participants on this Israel Experience program do not speak Hebrew. The majority of Israelis speak English, so you will be able to get by in any situation. Our Israeli Staff in Israel are fluent in English, and you will never feel alienated due to language.

Accommodations on all Birthright Israel: Canada Israel Experience programs are based on triple occupancy in 3-4 star hotels and Kibbutzim. Linen service will be provided by the accommodations and participants are advised to bring towels from home.

A minimum of two kosher meals will be provided each day while in Israel. The meals will range from buffet breakfasts, to falafel, to North American style fast-food, to boxed lunches, to sit-down dinners.

You must specify your food request on your initial online application i.e. Vegetarian, Vegan, Lactose Free, etc.

While we will do our utmost to accommodate specific food allergies, please be aware that Israel does not have the same level of allergy awareness as is common in North America, and we cannot guarantee that your allergy can be completely accommodated.  Our participants are responsible for carefully choosing their food on the trip and avoiding foods to which they are allergic.

Nut/Peanut/Sesame Allergies: please note that in Israel, nut allergies are not as common or well understood.

Allergic participants should understand this, and come to Israel prepared:

a) have a list of words in Hebrew that explain their allergy.

b) bring a large supply of power bars, protein bars, etc from home

c) be sure to make Trip Staff aware of their allergy.

Canada Israel Experience (CIE) trips are staffed by dynamic volunteer community leaders as well as Jewish community professionals from across Canada.  Since the inception of Birthright Israel  in 1999, Canada Israel Experience has been consistently recognized as leading the industry in the realm of leadership training. CIE trip staff will make sure your trip to Israel is filled with lifelong memories, friendships and inspiring programming that will connect you to your Jewish roots, peoplehood and identity.

Birthright Israel is a trip with no strings attached – there are no obligations or requirements involved in participating. However, we do hope that this experience will inspire you to get involved in your Jewish community upon your return. Israel Experience professionals across the country are ready and willing to assist you in connecting to your local community through a variety of different events, programs and activities. How you choose to involve yourself is entirely up to you – we just provide the resources and opportunities for you to do so.

Although there will be no free days on this program, there will be certain evenings that are designated as supervised structured free time. Should free time be granted to the group, the location and time will be at the sole discretion of the CIE Israel staff. Participants will receive their specific itinerary in the weeks prior to departure. Canada Israel Experience requests that once you have reviewed your itinerary, you speak with your Madrichim about an appropriate time that your family and/or friends may visit you during your free time. All family/friend meetings must first be approved by your trip staff.  Once approved, you may notify your family and/or friends in Israel and let them know when they can visit you. The itinerary will include the names and addresses of your accommodations in order to facilitate such visits.

Participants on a Canada Israel Experience program will have the opportunity to celebrate Jewish life together, in a welcoming, inclusive and non judgmental way. The food served on a CIE program will be Kosher. You will have the opportunity to experience the wonderful tradition of Shabbat. Participants will be asked to be respectful to others around them when visiting various sites of a more religious nature.

Travel & Logistical Arrangements

Birthright Israel participants leaving on Canadian departures have the option of extending their ticket to remain in Israel beyond the program for a fee depending on the airline.  Only those who have been assigned to a trip will be able to make a request for a flight extension.  Please realize that extensions are not guaranteed and every airline has their own restrictions. You may have to be flexible with your dates, and this is why we urge participants to make the extension in advance of their trip departure.

Keep your Israel adventure going for an additional 4 or 5 days with one of Birthright Israel’s brand new extension program, BIRTHRIGHT ISRAEL PLUS. You’ll have more free time as well as the opportunity to meet and connect with participants from different Birthright Israel groups from around the world!

CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT HOW YOU CAN EXTEND YOUR TRIP https://www.israelforfree.com/about-the-trip/extend-your-trip/

Unfortunately, no. All Birthright Israel: CIE participants must depart with their trip group from Lester Pearson International Airport in Toronto.  There will be no exceptions to this.

Participants must upload their valid passport to the initial online application.  A valid passport is one that expires a minimum of six months after your return date (i.e. if you return to Canada on June 15 2020, your passport must be valid until at least December 15 2020) This is a non negotiable airline policy, not a Canada Israel Experience policy. You will be denied boarding at check-in should your passport not meet these requirements.

If you do not already have a valid passport, please apply for a passport as soon as possible.  If your passport has been issued from countries OTHER than Canada, United States, Great Britain, the EU or Israel, please contact the CIE National office for details regarding obtaining a visa to Israel.

Please ensure that your passport is in good condition.  Worn or torn pages can result in any airline refusing to accept a passport for travel.

3-4 weeks prior to your departure, your Madrichim (trip leaders) will contact you about an orientation in your city where they will go over the itinerary, what to pack, and answer all logistical questions pertaining to your particular trip.


If you are not extending your trip in Israel, and you would like to arrange your own travel plans back to Toronto/Montreal complete the request form below indicating that you would like to cancel your return flight.

This only applies to participants who are purchasing their one-way travel back to Canada.

The airlines require this notice at least 72 hours before your last day of the trip. For example, if your last day of the CIE trip is May 10th, you must notify our office by May 7th. If you fail to notify us within 72 hours of your last day, you run the risk of losing your $300 deposit.

Please click here to submit your return flight cancellation request: https://cocotoronto.wufoo.eu/forms/r1anu2jh0zbo473/

The following expenses will be incurred by the participant: supplementary Canadian travel insurance (mandatory for all participants who have a confirmed departure date), the cost of getting to and from your home and Pearson International Airport in Toronto, and spending money (this should include 1 meal per day which is usually lunch).

We strongly suggest bringing $100USD in tip money ($70.00USD for the 7-Day Experience). It is our recommendation that you bring approximately CDN $450 for your 10-day trip. Credit cards are widely accepted in stores and restaurants. We do not recommend bringing a debit card as your only source of cash flow. It is often difficult to get to an ATM since our routes do not cover major urban centres.

Breakfast will always be provided for you. You will be responsible for purchasing one meal per day.  Your Madrichim (trip staff) will let you know which meal you will have to purchase each day.  Should you follow the above guidelines of $450CDN, you should have enough money for meals and souvenirs.

The gift of a Birthright Israel: Canada Israel Experience trip begins at Lester B. Pearson Airport, in Toronto or at Pierre Elliot Airport in Montreal.

In the unlikely event that a participant misses their Toronto/Montreal to Tel Aviv flight, Canada Israel Experience will do its utmost to accommodate the participant on the next available flight to Tel Aviv, should the new flight arrive in Israel within 24 hours of the original trip. Rebooking a flight is based on airline availability and departure schedule and cannot be guaranteed.

If your plans change after you receive your acceptance to the program, please send us the cancellation via email to ciec@ujafed.org.  The $300 deposit, as well as the $10 handling fee, are non-refundable should you withdraw after the cancellation deadline as noted in the CIE Contract, regardless of whether we are able to find a replacement.  This will provide CIE with revenue to pay the penalties that are incurred from the airlines and hotels for cancellations and replacements.

Canada Israel Experience is committed to the emotional and physical well-being of all participants on all programs it operates. As part of the program, Canada Israel Experience will provide Israeli-based emergency medical insurance for the duration of the program in Israel. While CIE will provide basic traveler’s health insurance while you are on your trip it does NOT cover medical care for pre-existing conditions, medical evacuation, coverage when you return home if needed, travel to and from Israel, lost or stolen items, trip cancellation on your part due to emergency, etc.

It is mandatory that all Canada Israel Experience participants have Overseas Medical health insurance coverage for the duration of the trip. PLEASE NOTE:  Provincial health coverage (i.e. OHIP) will not be accepted as travel insurance. If you already have extended health coverage, or you purchase one for this trip, you will be required to upload this information on your Step 2 application.

The Canada Israel Experience Israeli-based medical coverage will provide the following levels of treatment in the event of illness or injury. Basic first aid is administered by a medic accompanying the group, such as dispensing band-aids, medicine for headaches, etc. Their role is similar to that of a camp nurse. Should the medic and the program’s staff decide that a doctor needs to be consulted; the participant will be seen during pre-arranged doctor’s hours. These doctors maintain a supply of common medications and, when necessary, prescribe additional medication. Moreover, when necessary, they will refer participants to a specialist. Should urgent medical care be required, participants will immediately be taken to an authorized clinic or to a hospital emergency room. Participants will be accompanied by a staff member on any visit to doctors, clinics or hospitals.

Your health/medical insurance must be valid in Israel throughout the duration of your trip.  If you plan to extend your trip you will want to ensure that you are covered for that time period as well. If you do not have medical insurance and are purchasing travel/medical insurance for the sole purpose of this trip, you may want to consider supplementary coverage for the continuation of treatment/care in your home country if required when you return home.

Most applicants are aware of the benefits of health insurance; however you may also want to consider travel insurance. This can cover the cost of lost/stolen baggage, cameras, phones, etc.  In addition, if you are purchasing a connecting domestic flight, this may cover your costs should your flight be cancelled or delayed.

If you do not have an existing policy, you have complete freedom of choice as to where you purchase this insurance but you MUST ensure that you have coverage otherwise you will not be permitted to join the program.

All Birthright Israel: CIE programs are based on departure from Pearson International Airport in Toronto or Pierre Elliot Airport in Montreal. El Al departs from and returns to TERMINAL 3. Air Canada departs from and returns to TERMINAL 1. Austrian Airlines departs from and returns to TERMINAL 1

If you’re flying to Toronto/Montreal from another city: You must arrive 6 hours prior to your scheduled departure.

If you’re driving/taking the bus/taking the train to the airport: You must arrive to the airport 4 hours prior to your scheduled departure. The train and bus station in Toronto are one hour away from Lester Pearson International Airport. Please consider that when booking train and bus plans.

If you’re flying back to your home city on the same day as you land: please book your flight at minimum 3 hours after you land in Toronto/Montreal, delays do happen. (i.e. if you land at 6:35 am ET, your flight back home should be no earlier than 9:35 am ET)

Birthright Israel: Canada Israel Experience respectfully acknowledges The Asper Foundation for generously offering to reimburse participants who are arriving to Toronto or Montreal from another Canadian city, via air, or train or bus. Below are the rates:

British Columbia: maximum $ 200 CAD

Alberta: maximum $175 CAD

Saskatchewan: maximum $175 CAD

Manitoba: maximum $150 CAD

Atlantic provinces: maximum $ 125 CAD

Quebec: maximum $50 CAD

Birthright Israel: Canada Israel Experience gratefully acknowledges the support of the Asper Foundation which has made your travel arrangements to and from Toronto/Montreal, possible.

Travel Reimbursement Form – This Form should only be completed if you’re accepted to a trip, and you arriving to Toronto from a Canadian city, via air, or train or bus.

Please note: To be eligible for this reimbursement, participants must submit the “Travel Reimbursement Form” along with proof of round trip flight, train ride or bus ride. If for any reason, your $300 deposit was confiscated during the trip, you will not be eligible to apply for a Travel Reimbursement.

If you were born in Israel, or have/ever had an Israeli passport (i.e. you lived there for an extended period of time, or your parents are Israeli citizens and they applied for you to have one etc.), you will be required to email us a copy of your valid Israeli passport along with your army exemption papers. If you have any questions regarding your Israeli documentation, or you are not sure what you need, please call the national office for further information. 1-800-567-4772.

Obtaining your Israeli Passport and Army Exemption papers can take up to 9 weeks. We strongly encourage you to begin processing your documents as soon as you apply, and not wait until you hear whether or not you have been accepted to our program. You will not be able to travel to Israel if these papers are not in order prior to your departure.

Below are the contact details for the offices of Israeli Consulate:

Ottawa: (613) 567-6450
Toronto: (416) 640-8500
Montreal: (514) 940-8500
Online:  Israeli Consulate in Toronto

talknsave is the #1 cellular provider for Birthright Israel! That is why Canada Israel Experience has set up a partnership with talknsave Mobile to assist participants in receiving excellent products and services. 

Click here to purchase your plan: https://www.talknsave.net/birthright-groups/cie/

JCC Fitness Experience

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Western Canada

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  • 18 - 22
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  • May 13 – 24: Western Canada Does Israel* (18-22) Departing from YVR SIGN UP  * Exclusively for applicants from cities West of, and including Winnipeg

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Extreme Outdoor Adventure

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Original Experience

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Winter Dates:

*This trip is only available to participants aged 22-26. *

Winter Dates:


*This trip is only available to participants aged 22-26. *

Winter Dates: